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Mass FX - Was the Real Deal, But the FDA pulled it from the Shelves,
Here's whats still available on the same playing field:

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You remember how that little innovative company called Anabolic Xtreme took the industry by storm and won awards as the best new supplement company of 2005. You remember how they introduced what is arguably the best selling and most effective anabolic product of all time, Superdrol™. You also remember how they followed this up with the totally ground breaking pheromone PheraPlex™. What you remembered most is everything they produced actually worked!!

Well they are at it again...25R-Diol, Anabolic Extreme, Hyperdrol and Superdrol
Anabolic Extreme
has introduced a new product called Mass FX™ which is rocking the world of legal anabolics. Leave it to the guys at Anabolic Xtreme and the genius of their chemist (Dr. D) to introduce a clean non toxic compound that delivers gains within the first 3-5 days. Mass FX: You WILL feel the increased aggression and intense pumps within the FIRST WEEK!!

MassFX ..... How good is it? Mass FX - Pro-hormone ?
Mass - Fx from Anabolic ExtremeMassFX™ will soon be announced as the winner of THE ANABOLIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in one of largest international bodybuilding magazines. All thanks to one of the most hard core and totally legal ingredients ever, known simply as 25R-diol™.

The entire legal supplement market was knocked off its axis when Anabolic Xtreme posted for public viewing, the unedited  beta test results of their amazing new hard core supplement MassFX™. Over 50 experienced body-builders raved about the results they felt after a one month stack of Hyperdrol™ and MassFX™.

What did they rave about? Rave reviews for Mass FX and 25R-Diol
You know that raging with testosterone feeling we call the Alpha Male right? As we all know, pure aggression accompanies any great androgen. OK, yeah, you feel like you can kick butt; but what does the mirror say? Also, you can lose weight with SafSlim . How about a ten pound increase that is dry and hard with no water? Impossible? Not for 20% of the testers (and by the way, another 70% gained over 5 lbs).

Mass-Fx : Release the Alpha Male

So great, you look good, but what about the real measure of strength on those heavy sets? 25R-Diol - The amazing active ingredientMass FX
How about 10, 15, even 20 pound strength gains from just one, one-month? We ain't talking creatine here, we are talking about real gains!! Almost all testers reported that they could feel MassFX™ kicking in after only 2 or 3 days with most people starting to see real gains after just one week.

25r-diol and mass-fx ingredients

So if Mass FX works, what about the side effects? Mass FX Side Effects
That is the beauty of 25R-Diol™. Believe it because it is true. There is no raised blood pressure, no liver toxicity and when stacked with Hyperdrol™, no need to worry about the body's uncanny ability through the HPTA of responding with more estrogen because Hyperdrol manages the HPTA feedback loop.  Prime the pump with Hyperdrol™ then ignite the AlphaMale with MassFX™.

Legal anabolics are back and Anabolic Xtreme is leading the way with Mass FX™.

Ultimate Mass Cycle:
Week Hyperdrol
Mass FX Retain
1 4/Day caps Mass FX 2/Day caps 1/Day cap
2 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
3 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
4 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
5 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 2/Day cap
6 4/Day caps   3/Day cap
7 4/Day caps   3/Day cap
8 4/Day caps Mass FX 2/Day caps 2/Day cap
9 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
10 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
11 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
12 4/Day caps Mass FX 4/Day caps 1/Day cap

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